During the safari, a professional diving guide will accompany you on all dives. A diving master or diving instructor with our team will make your dives enjoyable and safe. Our yachts are equipped with places for storing diving equipment. Facilities for rinsing the equipment with fresh water are also available. Electricity connections (European two-prong, round pin) are available in the salon and the cabins, allowing for divers to charge cameras and upload photos to their laptops anytime of day while onboard.

Full equipment with 12 Lt and 15 Lt aluminum tanks (DIN & YOKE valves).

Nitrox to 40%.

Diving & Equipment for Certified Divers.

Each day's first dive: 40 Euros / Subsequent dives: 20 Euros per dive +15% Government taxes (tanks and belts only).

Equipment Rental
30 Euros per day for full set (including BCD, shorty, regulator), or 10 Euros per piece per day +15% Government taxes.

Safety and emergency equipment is located onboard according to the PADI dive resorts requirements. Tanks of 100% oxygen + first aid kit for each outing. A therapeutic recompression chamber is available at the Victoria Hospital in Mahé, at the Hyperbaric Medicine Department with Dr. Henriette.

All passengers must hold valid travel and medical insurance that will include evacuation by air from the Seychelles Outer Islands and Seychelles in case of necessity or medical emergency and also diving (in case of divers). Deep Joy Divers Ltd partnered with https://www.globalrescue.com/ Global Rescue to offer you a suitable evacuation cover for the outer islands.

Diving in Seychelles is possible all year round. The ideal months are March / April and October / November when the water temperature is perfect and visibility is good. Marine fauna is alive and abundant thanks to the strict environmental protection measures. The marine flora and fauna of the islands reveal an abundance of fish also on the cliffs near the coast: butterflyfish, angelfish, emperors, soldierfish, squirrelfish, glassfish, and parrotfish are just some of the species that can be admired in the seabed. Among the most incredible species are the whale sharks that go around the islands from June to December, particularly September and October. Best conditions in both the Outer and Inner Islands are in the calm periods, April / May and October / November when the water temperature can rise to 29ºC and visibility often over 30 meters on offshore sites. Average air temperature about 30 °C. In December and January, the north-west winds blow but conditions remain much the same as in the calm periods. From May to September the winds are stronger and south-easterly. Visibility reduced due to a large amount of plankton. Presence of whale sharks and manta rays. Average air temperature is about 28 ° C Water temperature may drop during August and a wet suit of at least 5mm is necessary. The more southerly Outer Islands – some of which are closer to mainland Africa than the Inner Islands – are near the cyclone belt and during December and January, they can experience extremely rough conditions on occasion. A 3mm shorty wetsuit is minimum protection recommended for the outer islands. Islands with big drop-offs and walls often have thermoclines with temperatures ranging from 19 to 27ºC and a full suit is an advantage for most divers.

• No dress code on board: Casual wear

• Be sure to bring plenty of REEF-FRIENDLY sun-screen **, after sun lotion and mosquito repellent. Some sunscreen ingredients are not safe for corals; these include oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, 4MBC, or butylparaben. These chemicals can contribute to the bleaching of corals, therefore we request our guests to bring along a sunscreen that is "reef-friendly"

• Rashguard for snorkeling

• A cap or hat, sunglasses and light shirts with long sleeves. Seychelles is generally warm and sunny throughout the year and the sun's rays can be especially impactful onboard the vessel, due to the reflection from the sea. Weather in the Indian Ocean can change very quickly, so guests are also advised to bring a lightweight rain jacket of sorts for this eventuality

• Bring suitable footwear for walking on the beach. Some areas can be quite rugged so good walking shoes/boots are recommended, but sturdy sandals or walking shoes can also be sufficient

• Other items to consider bringing along include binoculars, notebooks/logbooks for birding and diving finds

• Any personal medicinal supplies

• Deep Joy Divers LTD can provide full snorkeling and diving gear, however, it is highly advised for guests to bring their own properly fitting masks and fins. Our fins are closed heel, slip-in type

• International flight. We recommend our passengers to arrive at least a day before embarkation and depart a day after disembarkation. We also recommend booking flights with airlines that provide daily flights to Seychelles (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Ethiopian Airlines), please check this with your tour operator